June 22, 2022

Spiking heat - how to face hot summers!

there is a small obstacle to this "magnificent time of year": It is unbearably hot! But no worry. We have just the right answers to stay fresh.

Spiking heat - how to face hot summers!

Summer. They say it's probably the loveliest time of the year.; very, very long days with lots of sunlight, and literally unlimited supplies of vitamin D. The season comes with numerous summer-esque things to do, which is the main event of the season. However, there is a small obstacle to this "magnificent time of year": It is unbearably hot! But no worry. We have just the right answers to stay fresh.


Create your Air Conditioner

We all know how expensive it is to keep the AC on all the time. The damage is seen on the electricity bill! Fret not! We've got an alternative to keeping cool during the day. All you need is a bowl of ice and a fan - a pedestal fan works best for this trick though. Put the ice in front of the fan and enjoy the cool breeze. With time. the ice melts and evaporates but you’ll cool.


Eat cold stuff

The season is a perfect excuse to eat an ice lolly or tons of ice cream or simply just ice! It is a very effective technique to keep cool. If you want a healthier, sugar-free option, you could also make your own popsicles or ice lollies using fruit cubes. The purpose and idea behind eating and drinking cold snacks and beverages is to keep your internal body temperature low.


Dress Less and Lighter

To stay cool during the summers, wear loose clothing, preferably light coloured clothes made of cotton, or generally materials that will let your skin breathe. Oh and don’t forget to wear wide-brimmed hats or other head coverings to protect you from direct sunlight. Just keep in mind, Less is more!


Stay Hydrated

During the summers, you lose a lot of moisture from your body as you perspire. This dehydration also causes your body temperature to rise. To account for this water loss, constantly replacing fluids is very important to keep cool. 

Avoid dehydrating beverages such as caffeine and opt for healthier options, like a smoothie for lunch or some lemonade to be refreshed. Keep a water bottle in handy - you will be surprised at what good it can do in this scorching weather.


Sit back to stay cool

In this blazing hot weather, things could get too hot to handle sometimes and you over-stimulate yourself.  Hence. another little but important way to stay cool is by taking a break and sitting back to relax. When your mind is relaxed, your body will cool off as well.


Plan a trip to the beach or have a pool party

Trust me when we say water is your best friend in summer! Another tried and tested hack to shed some of that heat off your body is to enjoy some time at the beach or by the pool. You could go with all your friends and close ones and have a great time with all the water activities. And in doing so… you’d, like always, cool yourself down!


A cool shower

If all of these solutions fail, and you still aren’t cooled off, then you can still rely on a good old cold shower! It will, without doubt, cool you instantly Make a habit of taking showers more often.

With the combination of all these solutions, you will (hopefully) without a doubt stay as cool as a cucumber during the summer! Happy summer-ing. fellas!

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