July 7, 2022

Smart watches, Yay or nay?

With the entire world digitalized, it only seems fit that the analogue watches are taken aback by the digital ones. Smart watches are not only digital, but mimic a mobile phone, only smaller and literally in the palm of your hands.

Smart watches, Yay or nay?

The 21st century is the golden era of technology. The earth has revolutionized completely, and one of the most revolutionary inventions of this time is the smartwatch, which everyone should invest in. Here's why.

Why Go for a Smartwatch?

Back in the past analog watches were only used to check the time, then came digital watches which were still basically the same but now we’ve got something much much better, Smartwatches, which are literally portable mobiles on your wrist, and that’s not all this little device could do, The features and functions are endless and will blow your mind and hopefully convince you to buy one.

Good fitness tracker  

One of the best reasons why you should invest in a smartwatch is to stay fit, with smartwatches you get a little fitness buddy that will count all the steps you take, the distance you travel, calories you’ve burnt and that’s not all, it’ll also help you create a goal for each day so you could stay in shape. Moreover, the watch would automatically replace pedometers and other fitness trackers, So you’ll technically profit with a smartwatch.

More efficient Communication 

With a smartwatch you could literally talk to people and reply to text messages or calls on the go, as we mentioned before, these watches are portable mobiles, this is why. You won’t have to go through the hassle of taking your phone out, again and again, you could easily reply through your watch. This is especially effective for when you’re exercising or in the middle of a meeting etc. You would also get notifications from all social media platforms on your watch and this way you’d always be connected to the world.

A Travel Guide 

Now you may be used to using google maps on your phone and following the voice assistant to reach your destination but smartwatches have got something better than that. You can go anywhere easily with the advanced features and you won’t have to use your phone once. Most smartwatches like apple watches provide you with different vibrations to indicate what direction you should go in, which in our opinion makes it a lot more efficient and simple than google screaming at you to go right in 600 meters. 

Always stay connected to your Phone 

Smartwatches come with really strong and long-lasting batteries, some even last for a week. So another advantage of owning a smartwatch is you could always stay connected to your phone which may not have that much battery life. For instance, if you’re on a trip your smartwatch will keep you connected to your phone. Also, you could always locate your phone easily with a smartwatch if it gets lost which happens quite frequently. Just hit find my phone on your watch and it’ll ring a bell on your phone making it easier to locate.


Another reason why it’s smart to get one of these watches is that it provides a sense of security, Like a smartphone, the watch comes with a built-in GPS tracker which is really useful if you’re in an unfamiliar place by the GPS you can easily find your way out and it helps your close ones know if you’re safe or not. Not only all that but wearing a smartwatch is also safer, with the one you don't have to take your phone out while you’re out which would decrease your odds of getting robbed or mugged which is becoming common, and nevertheless you can never be too safe.

So aren’t these features cool to have? You gotta love the mobility and efficiency of smartwatches and so there’s nothing better than being connected to the world Now the question remains which smartwatch should you get and honestly there are multiple options but here are a few that may be the most suitable in terms of features and affordability 

The Apple Watch 

Okay, this may be an expensive option but if you’re looking for the best experience for a smartwatch, you have to go with Apple. It has all the features described and much much more, the connectivity is so good that your phone could be miles away from you but you’d still be connected. The only downside is that you'll only get full use of the watch with an apple phone and without it some features will not be available for any other device. Nevertheless still one of the best options for a smartwatch 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch  

Another top-notch choice is the Samsung watch which again has endless features not far away from apple or maybe even ahead of apple the best part is you can take full advantage of it whatever phone you have, and the sleek polished design is an eye killer. Plus they’re not crazy expensive if you’re looking for affordability 


For the fitness geeks out there here's another favorite for a smartwatch. The Fitbit comes with exceptional fitness perks and others as well, although it's behind Samsung and apple in terms of features, it is still one of the best smartwatches out there and again is a much more affordable option. With this choice, you are bound to stay in shape.

If these options aren’t there are many more that you can explore and research for yourself. But at least one thing is understood (hopefully) you should in fact invest in a smartwatch and enjoy the features and ease afterward. 


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