May 11, 2022

iPhone 14: Leaks, Specs, Rumors & Release Date

iPhone 14 – Apple’s flagship phone set to launch in September 2022 – is still reliant on rumors or leaks

iPhone 14: Leaks, Specs, Rumors & Release Date

Without an official design release or statement by Apple, any information about the iPhone 14 – Apple’s flagship phone set to launch in September 2022 – is still reliant on rumors or leaks. There are still a few months to the launch of the latest variant of the iPhone, but these rumors have been around for a long time – possibly because Apple is said to be planning on some big changes. Let’s look into what the news until now is about the product’s specifications, outlook, and new additions.



  • Chipset – Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the Pro variant will get an upgraded chip, the A16, which will be faster. It is unclear yet if the standard model will feature the A16. 
  • RAM – The Pro variant is said to have 8GB, an upgrade from the 6GB being offered on iPhone 13. However, it is unsure whether the non-Pro variant will be bumped to 6GB from the usual 4GB.
  • Camera – Whilst the standard model is rumored to have the same camera as iPhone 13 except for improvements on the ultra-wide camera, the Pro models will boast a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera as well as 8K video capturing capability.
  • Modem – The new iPhones will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem which will improve connectivity and power efficiency. The modem is the world's first 10 Gigabit 5G modem and antenna system for smartphones.
  • Wi-Fi – iPhone 14 will have WiFi 6E connectivity, giving it a performance boost (higher speeds and lower latency) over previous versions.
  • Storage – Although not confirmed, the new iPhone might come with a 2TB storage option as opposed to the 1TB maximum in iPhone 13.



  • Front – It is rumored that iPhone 14 Pro will come without the notch at the top, and instead might only have a punch-hole and/or pill-shaped front camera. The face-detection hardware might have to change according to this design modification, but it isn’t confirmed whether Apple will look into that. The standard model is set to feature the notch, the same as iPhone 13. 
  • Sides and Back – Leaked renders of the design revealed that the back/sides will be the same as iPhone 13. However, there are new developments; a new purple color option will most likely be offered for all variants, and the frame might be shifted to titanium.


What’s New:

Most of what we know up until now points towards the fact that the majority of what’s new is in the Pro version of the iPhone 14. The first major thing is the A16 chip – only to be offered in Pro and Pro Max whereas the standard variant will utilize the A15, the same as iPhone 13. Similarly, the 8GB RAM option will be introduced for the first time, but only for 14. 

The sizes offered will also change, with the mini variant being discontinued after its unimpressive sales. The Max options will be 6.7 inches, and the standard-sized options will be 6.1 inches.

The price is also set to increase in light of inflation across the globe as well as supply-chain shortages that set in due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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