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What is APK Decompiler?

Android users frequently hear the word 'APK'. 'APK' is short for Android Package Kit, and this is a file format that the Android system uses to distribute and install apps in an organized manner. This file package contains all the required elements for an Android application to function properly. An APK is an archive, like ZIP files or TAR files, and contains multiple files, including the file which contains vital metadata about the application. When you download an APK file on your Android device, and install it, the Android system installs the application, without error, due to the mannerisms of the APK file. Sometimes, you might wonder what is actually inside an APK file. An APK de-compiler is the perfect tool to help you uncover the contents of an APK file.

The UnboxAPK de-compiler is one of the best tools for uncovering the contents of an APK file and understand how an APK allows the application to operate correctly. To decompile any APK file, all you have to do is upload your APK file to the platform above, where it says 'Upload'. The de-compiler will take care of the rest, and start unraveling the contents of the APK file. Depending on the size and the contents inside the APK file, the time required to complete the de-compilation process varies. If the size of the APK file is small, the de-compilation process will take only a few seconds. The maximum size limit (at the moment) for the de-compiler is 100 MB.

Once the APK has been de-compiled, you can download the zipped file containing the de-compiled files through the UnboxAPK API. There are various ways to view the de-compiled files, and one of the best ways is to use Android Studio.

Currently, the UnboxAPK website only supports de-compiling Android applications. The capability to de-compile iOS applications will soon follow. The UnboxAPK decompile is powered by jadx.

Decompiled APKs just a click awayDecompiled APKs just a click away

Browse and select the file. Upload it using thr appropriate option. Wait a few seconds for it to process. Then finally download the .zip file present before you.

Reliable decompilationReliable decompilation

First of, we do not save any of the APKs with us. You need not worry about your APK being exploited. secondly, even after decompilation, the source code remains with us for mere 30 minutes. It, then, automatically deletes itself..

Single decompiler for all mediumsSingle decompiler for all mediums

The decompiler is operational on all platforms like mac, linux, ubuntu, windows, iOS and android.

APK Decompilation has become very simpleAPK Decompilation has become very simple

Noting to learn as our decompiler is the easiest apk decompiler available on the web for free.

Works for all types of Android APKWorks for all types of Android APK

We have processed an algorithm for decompiling all and every Android APK.

Simple, cloud decompilationFast and Simple, cloud decompilation

The decompiler is user friendly. It does not require a learning curve. Most importantly, you do not need any add-ons to use the feature. Simply upload the file and leave the rest to us.

How To Decompile APK Online

The decompiled source code of APK will not be able for import on IDE, like the other android projects . There will be a lot of .dex and .class hooks files for which you can use any regular editor to read and make changes to.

✅ Choose the APK you wish to decompile and upload it.

✅ Press the "Uploaded File Name" button and wait for a few seconds while it procsesses.

✅ A zip. file will then appear on your screens. Click on the "download" option. There, you have your APK decompiled instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What variations should I expect in the decompiled .apk file?

    The decompiled .apk file will not display itself in the explicit code form so it is not downright available for import on IDE, like the other android projects . There will be a lot of .dex hooks files for which you can use a regular editor to read and make changes to.

  • Why do I need to decompile an .apk file to begin with?

    A lot of time it happens that you admire a certain app design and want something similar. In such a case, you will need the source code of the app and which in turn brings you tothe need for an .apk decompiler. Such a decompiler will help you acquire the source code.

  • For Android, what tools can I use to decompile an .apk file?

    Android .apk decompiler will require you to have three types of tools. Firstly you will need a tool for android .dex and java class files. Secondly, you will need a means to reverse engineer an android .apk file. Thirdly to decompile and analyze Java "byte code", a Java decompiler tool will come in handy. It will also work for its later versions.

  • Are .apk file and .dex file same or do they differ?

    In the core, they are related to each other but technically different. An .apk file comprises of all the compressed android app related files. Whereas the .dex file is a part of .apk file wherein lies all the Java classes in an app code. Say, a .dex file is a subset of .apk file.

  • Can I avail the Java source code from decompiling an .apk file?

    Yes, you can attain the Java source code of a decompiled .apk file.

  • Why is there an error(s) with the decompiled code?

    There are multiple reasons for the incorrect codes during decompilation but mainly it is due to the decomopiler performing irreversible changes to the source code. It results in an incorrect code as the end product.

  • How will I import the decompiled code to Eclipse?

    The import process is quite simple. Once you have the decompiled file, extract it on your computer. Now when you have the extracted files, open up Eclipse and follow this path: File → New → Project. Here you will see a New Project window where you will have to select the "Android Project" option. This will allow you to import the decompiled code onto Eclipse.

  • Which programs are involved in decompiling an .apk file?

    There are various softwares that one can use for decompilation. At the moment, we are using Command Line thorugh Jadx. It is one of the best performers.

  • What is the purpose of an .apk decompiler?

    All Android applications are launched as APK files. These files house all the codes, images and other media vital for the application to work on your phone. Using this website will allow you to juice out the code and oher assets in these APK files.

  • Is it legal and authorized to decompile an .apk file?

    Yes, it is absoulety legal. Since decompiling only delivers you the source code, it does not hold any illegal value. If anything, the use of the code may be viable to be judged as legal or illegal, depending on the plan of action.

  • Which version of windows do Unboxapk.com supports?

    At Unboxapk.com, we support all the Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  • Is it possible to decompile .apk file without compromising on quality?

    Yes, you will get the highest quality result using our APK decompiler. Since the algorithms involved are themselves sophisticated, the end result reflects this quality.

  • Is the APK decompiler on Unboxapk.com free?

    Yes, the decompiling facility at Unboxapk.com is free of cost.

  • What variants of applications do the decompiler support?

    Decompier at Unboxapk.com supports any and all Android applications.

  • What does the term APK reverse engineering online determine?

    If simply put, APK reverse engineering online/Android APK reverse engineering online is the other name(s) for APK decompiler. The label reverse engineering itself implies analyzing an object, or in this case mobile applications, to nunderstand its functionality. Since the digital world is the coding world, it is understandable that mobile applications are a product of coding as well. In reverse engineering, the source code is considered in its binary form and we then conert the low-level language to a high-level angugar